Dublin Airport Northern Runway

News from Dublin Airport, 18th December 2020 daa has lodged an application to amend two onerous planning conditions that are due to apply to the operation of the new North Runway and the overall runway system at Dublin Airport when North Runway begins operations. The current conditions would limit the use of North Runway between 11pm and 7am [...]

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What are Strategic Noise Maps?

Strategic noise maps are produced using computer software (such as CADNA-A)  that calculates the noise levels from information on  traffic flows (annual AADT figures), rail movements, aircraft movements and industrial noise (yet not  considered in Ireland). It also takes account of topography (ground levels and building  heights) of an area. Computer modelling is used as [...]

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Noise Dublin Airport

Council warned Government it could not be noise regulator for Dublin Airport runway By Jennifer Bray, Irish Times. Fingal County Council warned the Government that it did not have the necessary capabilities to be the noise regulator for the new runway at Dublin Airport, new documents reveal. Under EU rules the appointment of a noise regulator is [...]

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Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region (2018).

Its here at last.....Acoustic Services welcomes what appears to be very comprehensive guidance on some of the traditional sources of noise such as road traffic, aircraft and railway noise. Notably however the newer guidance now considers both wind turbine noise and leisure noise in addition to the traditional sources of noise. Some examples of leisure [...]

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Seven times as many people are blighted by Heathrow Airport noise compared to Manchester

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This is what Bristol Airport plans to do about noise

The plan comes as Bristol Airport is working on proposals for an ambitious expansion which will see it accommodate 12 million passengers a year. People who live near Bristol Airport have been invited to have their say on plans to try and alleviate noise levels at the site. The airport is seeking feedback on a [...]

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EasyJet produces white noise recording of airplane jet engines for insomniacs

Low-cost carrier easyJet has released a charity album for insomniacs and aviation enthusiasts in general, featuring a single, extended-cut recording of a pair of CFM56 jets flying at 39,000 feet from London Gatwick to Nice. The project was inspired by research confirming that white noise can help the brain block out sleep interruptions by displacing [...]

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Third Heathrow runway risks legal challenge over noise, rival claims

The backers of an independent proposal to lengthen one of Heathrow’s existing runways have become the latest group to warn that the Government risks a legal challenge if it backs rival plans to build a third landing strip. Heathrow Hub, which is led by former Concorde pilot Captain Jock Lowe, has argued that worries about jet engine [...]

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