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Noise news Dublin 4.

Council tells Johnny Ronan firm to keep the noise down at D4 Embassy venue. Council inserts noise condition after locals claim property being used as party venue. Article by Gordon Deegan (Breaking News) Dublin City Council has told a company owned by developer, Johnny Ronan, to keep the noise down in its planned new ‘live-work’ [...]

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What do Noise Maps Mean?

If you live in an area mapped for environmental noise, remember that noise levels on the maps are a model of the average noise level, outdoor, on an average day in an average year-not actual noise levels at any given place or time.  The maps will be used to help in planning and to manage [...]

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Capturing Weather

It is essential that weather information is captured for both attended and unattended noise measurements. Such beautiful weather for noise measurements this January 2020. I cant help but think that this looks like a Lunar landscape....

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What are Strategic Noise Maps?

Strategic noise maps are produced using computer software (such as CADNA-A)  that calculates the noise levels from information on  traffic flows (annual AADT figures), rail movements, aircraft movements and industrial noise (yet not  considered in Ireland). It also takes account of topography (ground levels and building  heights) of an area. Computer modelling is used as [...]

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Meta Materials

Nissan develops lightweight acoustic meta-material to reduce road noise. Road noise has long been a problem in cars, particularly when traveling at speed on the highway, but it's even more obvious in electric cars, which don't produce engine noise that can help mask it. Nissan has now developed an acoustic meta-material that is as effective [...]

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Ireland does not report much noise disturbance when compared with other EU members?

Almost one-fifth (18.3%) of the population of the European Union (EU) reported that they suffered from noise coming from their neighbours or the street in 2018, however Ireland was among countries with the lowest rate of reporting noise disturbance (9.4%). Unsurprisingly, this proportion is more than twice as high for people living in cities (24.1%) [...]

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Noise Case Update.

Court increases 'unduly lenient' jail term for farmer who killed neighbour with teleporter in 2017 Kerry farmer Michael Ferris has had his sentencing increased from five years to nine in the Court of Criminal Appeal. THE COURT OF Criminal Appeal has ruled that a five-year jail term imposed on Kerry farmer Michael Ferris for the [...]

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Noisy carpenter (Metro News)

Saw point: Noisy carpenter gets DIY ban after neighbours driven up wall A NOISY carpenter has been banned from doing DIY in the evenings after making neighbours’ lives a misery with his hammering and drilling in the early hours. Handyman Paul Bennett, 48, has been warned he could face jail if it continues following a [...]

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Tonal Assessment(NG4)

The Irish EPA (NG4) are very clear on how a tonal assessment should be conducted when carrying out an industrial noise survey. There are three basic steps to tonal assessment: (1) A tonal noise source can normally be subjectively identified by a competent person familiar with noise impact assessments. (2) However, prior to the application [...]

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Belfast Hum

Baffled residents have been asking that question after a strange noise, lasting more than three hours, was reported in the area after midnight on Friday. One person took to Twitter to try to figure it out, posting: "Anyone else hear this weird #hum over Strangford Lough area last night? What is it??? It went on [...]

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