Gary Naylor, 36, faces eviction from his flat in Salford if he commits any more breaches over the next four years

Source: Manchester Evening News (24th Feb 2016)

A noisy neighbour who breached an order not to play loud music 24 times has been given a suspended prison sentence.

Gary Naylor, 36, faces eviction from his flat in Salford if he commits any more breaches over the next four years.

Housing association Salix Homes took legal action against tenant Naylor, on the grounds of excessive noise nuisance from his home at Magnolia Court tower block in Pendleton , due to partying and loud music.

Manchester Civil Justice Centre heard how Naylor had breached a previous court order, which prevented him from causing nuisance or annoyance at the property, 24 times.

He was given a 28-day prison sentence, suspended for two years, and agreed to a two-year ‘undertaking’ imposed by the courts promising not to engage in conduct which could cause nuisance or annoyance to anyone living nearby.

During the past two years Salix Homes , which owns more than 8,300 properties in central Salford, has secured several court orders against Naylor for causing excessive noise at the property and breaching his tenancy agreement.

Their 24-hour security team have been called to the property on repeated occasions following reports of excessively loud music, parties, shouting and screaming coming from the property at all hours of the day and night.

The police have also been called to the property following reports of fighting and screaming.

Salix first secured a court order against Naylor in October 2014, when he agreed to a 12-month ‘undertaking’ promising to keep the noise down, but after constantly breaching the order Salix Homes applied to the courts to evict Mr Naylor from the property.

During another court hearing at Manchester Civil Justice Centre on January 25 this year, Salix Homes secured a four-year Suspended Possession Order against Naylor.

Under the terms of the SPO, Naylor must comply with the terms of his tenancy agreement, must not allow more than two visitors into his property at any one time and must allow property inspections to take place with 24-hours notice.

If Naylor breaches the terms of the SPO within the next four years he could face eviction from the property.

Sue Sutton, executive director of operations at Salix Homes, said: “Salix Homes takes breaches of our tenancy agreement extremely seriously and we strive to make sure all our neighbourhoods are safe and pleasant places to live.

“Despite us securing court orders against Gary Naylor in the past he has continued to cause excessive noise at the property causing distress and bringing misery for those living nearby, which we will not tolerate.

“We will monitor Gary Naylor closely. If he is found to be in breach of the SPO Salix has the legal right to enforce the Possession Order, which could lead to eviction.”