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noise from aircraft

The Transport Minister has appointed Fingal County Council as the new independent Airport Noise Regulator for Dublin Airport.

It’s first job is to carry out a noise assessment, balancing the needs of local residents and the “broader national interests”.

Minister Ross says he will be publishing a Bill later in the year which will set out in detail how noise levels at Dublin Airport are to be regulated and monitored.

The DAA has warned the whole airport could be put at commercial risk, if a new runeway is built under planning conditions set out in 2007.

The rules – put in place for the benefit of local residents – would mean cutting night time flights by a third.

But it’s claimed the resulting loss in passenger numbers would cause the airport to lose 2.4 million passengers a year, which would impact the whole country.

Spokesperson for the DAA Paul O’Kane, has told 98FM News they’ve long been calling for the restrictions to be eased.

“If those conditions were applied to the new runway it would be like building a new lane on the M50 but closing it at peak times. Six to seven in the morning is one of the peak times for the airport. That’s the time when so many people want to take flights to Britain and mainland Europe for business and leisure.”

It’s reported the Transport Minister is to present proposals for a review of the planning conditions to the cabinet, with the aim of relaxing the noise rules.


Source: 98FM