Gooseberry Bush, in Peel Street,

Source: Nottinghamshire Live

Plans to significantly increase the size of a beer garden at a Nottingham Wetherspoon pub have been refused due to noise fears.

The pub chain had applied to extend the outdoor area at its Gooseberry Bush, in Peel Street, making it more than double its current size.

But yesterday on Thursday, September 6 Nottingham City Council’s planning committee rejected the proposal stating that the expansion would result in “noise nuisance” and would adversely affect the pub’s neighbours.

The council’s chief planner Paul Sedon said in his decision: “Activity associated with the use of the extended outdoor area would result in noise nuisance to the adjoining residential properties and detrimental to the living conditions of occupiers of those properties.”


Wetherspoon had applied to extend the external drinking area by using part of its existing car park – losing ten spaces.

The chain has yet to decide if it will appeal the decision.

Customers in the pub were disappointed with the decision but could appreciate why it was rejected.

Alexandra Davis, 25, who lives near the Arboretum said: “It’s a bit of a shame because the beer garden isn’t the biggest and it does fill up quickly when the weather is nice.

“This summer being so hot meant you very rarely got to go out in it.

“But I can understand why people might say it would make extra noise and it looks a large expansion.”

Joe Wheatley, a 23-year-old joiner from Lenton added: “There are not that many beer gardens in Nottingham that I can think of so it’s a bit of a disappointment.

“I’ve sat in the beer garden a lot and it does get full quickly but it’s a nice atmosphere.

“I come here quite a lot with friends and the inside is nice and large but it could do with being a bit bigger outside. It’s a really nice pub and it would be good for business if it was expanded.

“I do get why it was turned down though because I know it would create more noise, but I’m sure people who live near it anyway already think that.”

Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said: “We are always keen, where possible, to offer the best facilities to our customers.

“In this case we wanted to extend the beer garden.

“Although disappointed with the decision, we respect the views of the councillors.

“We will decide whether to appeal this.”

Built in 1984 on part of the site of Nottingham Women’s Hospital, the Gooseberry Bush was renamed Varsity in 2002, but now has its original name. The first patients entered the hospital in January 1930 and the last baby was delivered in November 1981. Not long after, the main hospital building was converted into flats.

There are 22 Wetherspoons spread across Nottinghamshire including five in the city centre – the canal-side Company Inn, Roebuck, in St James’ Street, the Joseph Else, on Market Square, Lloyd’s No. 1, in Pelham Street, and the Gooseberry Bush, in Peel Street.