RESIDENTS living near key construction sites for the West Gate Tunnel (Melbourne) are likely to experience noise levels exceeding current ambient noise for up to four years while the 5km toll road is built.

The Western Distributor Authority has developed a noise standard of 63 dB (A) when the West Gate Tunnel is complete in 2022.

A public hearing into the effects of the $5.5 billion toll road through the city’s west was told on Thursday that some residents living near constructions compounds were likely to experience noise levels above 63 dB (A) for up to 48 months.

An artist’s impression of the West Gate Tunnel project.

Counsel assisting the inquiry, Juliet Forsyth, said one of the key construction compounds would be located in New St, South Kingsville.

Two other compounds would be located to the north and south of the freeway along Williamstown Rd and Melbourne Rd.

Ms Forsyth said there was also a reference in the EES that said maximum noise levels predicted due to operation of compounds next to the West Gate Freeway might be up to 80 dB (A) at Brooklyn and Yarraville. She asked noise expert witness Matthew Stead if some residents would need to be ­relocated.

“I can’t really answer that as I think it depends on the contractors’ exact proposed layout and how they mitigate for their activities,” Mr Stead replied.