The new Knockalisheen to Coonagh road, which is currently under construction

SHANNONVALE residents must be provided with soundproofing to counter anticipated noise pollution from the new Knockalisheen to Coonagh road which is currently under construction, a Limerick city councillor has warned.

It is understood that some residents in the 30 houses to be affected by the roads construction are considering taking legal action to ensure their homes are protected from high noise levels during the construction process.

“Residents were aware that a new road was to be constructed but were only consulted relatively recently and were surprised to learn that it was to be a dual carriageway giving them four lanes of traffic just metres from their homes,” Sinn Fein councillor John Costelloe explained.

“I have met with residents in relation to this issue and clearly they are very perturbed at the thoughts of what this may do to their quality of life.”

“This new road, while badly needed, passes just meters from Shannonvale houses. Residents are rightly concerned about the noise pollution to follow,” he added.

“I am calling on Limerick Council to immediately engage with Transport Infrastructure Ireland with a view to having the affected Shannonvale houses provided with adequate sound proofing.”

“People have worked all their lives to pay mortgages and provide good homes for their families.”

“It is not acceptable for the Council and Transport Infrastructure Ireland to bring the noise of four lanes of traffic into their living rooms like this.”

“Fair is fair and those responsible need to step up and do the decent thing which, at a minimum in this case is to provide adequate sound proofing.”

The Coonagh to Knockalisheen Road is part of the Limerick Northern Distributor Road linking Coonagh to Lisnagry and will provide significant improvement in connectivity between different areas along the northern fringe of the city, according to the council.

A spokesperson for Limerick City and County Council said: “The Coonagh Knockalisheen distributor road currently under construction involves a new section of carriageway between Coonagh Roundabout and the Tesco roundabout and the construction of an embankment between the Tesco roundabout and the Old Cratloe Road.”

An Bord Pleanála granted permission for the Coonagh Knockalisheen distributor road in 2011, the spokesperson added.

“​The permission includes the installation of a section of noise barrier along the carriageway edge in the form of a stone-faced wall, for a length of 180 metres from the Old Cratloe Road towards the hammerhead at number 43 Shannonvale.”

“Following representations, the Council has agreed to re-examine the projected noise levels associated with traffic volumes and to extend the noise barrier where warranted.”

“The results of the traffic noise modelling will be available in two weeks’ time and the Council will engage with the Department of Transport regarding the provision of additional noise mitigation measure at Shannonvale, if deemed necessary.”


Source: Limerick Leader