Do you want to help shape government policy on how noise problems are dealt with? A new website has just been launched to compile information from all across Ireland by offering members of the public the opportunity to officially log their noise complaint. Complaints will be classified under headings such as road traffic noise, rail traffic noise, air traffic noise, wind-farm noise, neighbourhood noise and many more.

The purpose of the website is to compile information on noise complaints from the public, providing statistics for government departments, data for decision makers, local authorities, ministers, councillors and key influencers. It is proposed that the data will be published every 6 months and that it will be publically available via a results page.

The data will also be used to create awareness on noise matters, to induce change, to recognise and quantify the extent of noise and how it affects the public as an environmental pollutant.

By logging your noise complaint you can make a difference and provide decision makers with real data about the impact of noise on public wellbeing, reducing the potential of long-term damage to human health. The first step is to get your complaint on record to make a real difference.

Log your noise complaint at