The window was smashed by gym equipment

When a sleeping man was woken by music blaring out at 4.30am, he banged on his bedroom window in a bid to get his neighbour to turn it down.

He returned to bed wearing earplugs, but moments later heard a loud smash as a 1.25kg gym weight was hurled through his kitchen window.

The victim telephoned police and today Edward Lowe appeared at Nottingham Magistrates Court over the disturbance, in Cranmer Road.

The 26-year-old admitted causing reckless criminal damage by lobbing the weight through his neighbour’s window on July 6.

Lowe was ordered to pay £150 compensation, a £120 fine, £85 prosecution costs and a government surcharge of £30.

David Miles, prosecuting, told magistrates: “He said that he was drunk, threw the weight out of the window and didn’t mean to smash the window.”

His victim had to put on the ear plugs because he needed to sleep so he could be alert for his full-time job the next day, added Mr Miles.

In a statement for the court, Lowe’s neighbour said he felt “angry and apprehensive” after the incident, regarded the behaviour as “unpredictable” and “was concerned about repercussions”.

He said that his partner and son also “felt intimidated by the neighbour”.

Michaela Dunk, for Lowe, said he had lived on Cranmer Grove for two years and believed that the neighbour had been there for a decade.

“He had been drinking, accepted he was drunk and that he threw the weight out of the window. But he didn’t intend the window would smash, it was just reckless,” he told the court.

Source: Nottingham Post