Galway Bay fm newsroom – Galway’s busking community has published a new code of conduct ahead of the implementation of city council bylaws to regulate the activity.

The code is being launched as part of the ‘We Support Friendly Busking’ campaign.

Galway Buskers Community argues there is no need for busking bylaws, stating its new document promotes positive and responsible practices among street performers.

The group is also promoting a new slogan ‘Our Art, Our Streets, Our Responsibility’.

The initiative aims to improve the relationship between buskers and the business community with focus areas including noise levels, duration of performances and crowd obstruction.

The group says any move to rollout bylaws or permits would seriously impact Galway’s reputation as a major arts and culture hub.

The code of conduct will be available for shop window display, and buskers will also display ‘friendly busking’ stickers on their equipment.