Forensic audio expert Paul Ginsberg slowed the Cohen tape down, cleaned up the background noise, and said that he heard Trump say the word cash, but not hear the word don’t on the Cohen tape.

Ginsberg was asked what he heard, “heard Mr. Cohen talking and then Trump says something, maybe one syllable, and then pay by cash, and then Cohen says no, no, no, no no.”

Ali Velshi asked, “What do you think the something unintelligible is and does the science allow for us to figure that out?”

Ginsberg answered, “I don’t feel it was the word don’t.” I don’t here a T sound. It was more in line with the word more. More. Pay by cash. And he was asking or trying to verify how this was to be paid.”

Trump’s defense of what he claims to have said is not sustainable. It doesn’t make sense given the context of the rest of the recording. In fact, his defense that what he was really saying is don’t pay in cash is unbelievable, because he and Cohen were talking about covering up an affair two months before a presidential election.

Given Trump’s history, there is no way that he was suddenly concerned about the legality of their transaction as Rudy Giuliani claimed. In the broader picture, Trump is on tape discussing payoffs for affairs that he claimed never happened, so we shouldn’t get too bogged down in the details.

Trump’s claim that none of the affairs happened and that he never paid any money has been blown to bits. It is now proven that Trump was working with the National Enquirer to keep one of the affairs out of the news before the election.

Trump said cash, which could open the door to a wide range of impeachable offenses if he is found to have participated in a conspiracy.

The bottom line is that Donald Trump is in a world of trouble.

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